Frequently Asked Questions

We communicate project progress/status and manage clients expectations which provide great customer service.

How long will project take?

On most installations 8 or less medium sized windows ( 37” x 38” ) would take 1 day. You would also need 1 day for the Building Departments inspection with some municipalities requiring 2 inspections.

Are you listed on the Better Business Bureau?

We are listed with an A+ rating. The BBB is a great way to find a company that is fair, professional and competent.

What are benefit’s of low-E glass?

Low-E glass can reduce the amount of heat that is conducted through the glass by around 30% compared to ordinary glass. It also improves thermal efficiency by cutting glare and preventing damage to interior furnishings caused by ultra-violet rays which can also fade your carpeting.

What is the full name address and location of the company?

Getting the complete address of the company can be an important factor for your window & door project. Try to hire a contractor that has a nearby office and warehouse which will provide quicker response time with better service. Our office and warehouse is located in Fort Lauderdale.

How do you finish the interior and exterior around the windows?

Most installations there is no repair work needed. There are some cases where there will be some minor drywall/plaster inside and stucco work outside due to the removal of the old windows. We include the repairs in the installation price ready to paint and if the customer has the matching paint we will touch up the area free of charge.

Are you licensed and insured ?

Florida requires contractors to have licenses and hiring a licensed contractor gives you protection should a problem arise. The same goes for insurance, which includes liability, workers compensation and property damage insurance. We use our own installers which are fully covered under our insurance. Some companies may use sub-contractors or piece workers that are not covered under their insurance policies.

Does my project require a permit?

Will you obtain a permit? Yes and Yes. South Florida requires a permit for 1 window replacement. If the contractor doesn’t want to obtain one don’t use him.

Should I replace all windows at once?

There are a number of reasons to replace all of your windows. Curb appeal, window operation, storm protection and insurance discounts. Replacing one large dated window at the front of your home will increase curb appeal and give your home a new focal point for a passerby. Replacing them all will give you 100% storm protection if you include the doors and you will be able to apply an obtain a premium discount on your homeowners insurance.